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Maher Asham


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The Consultant

Maher Asham earned both his B.Sc and M.B.A. from The American University in Cairo in1990 and 1997 respectively.    

Asham held professorial positions in a number of multinationals: as an IT manager in Santa Fe Drilling, then for Reuters since 1993 in several positions, in Cairo as well as in Geneva, ending as the Marketing and Business Development Manager for East Med. and North Africa. During that period he built the exchange data on Reuters platforms for MENA markets as well as developed several products and services related to MENA financial markets. Asham also served as Chief Executive Officer and a board member of EGID, a Subsidiary of EGX and NASDAQ. In addition, he was the founder and Managing Director of EGIT, Subsidiary of EGX and EGID, a board member of the Citadel Capital Financial Information Centre at AUC, and a founding board member of BAST ratings for SME credit ratings. He is currently serving as the founder and CEO of COMTRiCKS in the E-Commerce field and Finchamps in the Fintech arena.

Mr. Asham’s research is in the area of development of Middle East financial Markets. He was also actively involved in the development of electronic trading in Egypt, defining strategies of EGX and the automation of many financial markets in the region. Asham is a faculty of Finance at the School of Management of The American University in Cairo where he prepared and taught the first Fintech course in the Master’s program. He is also the vice president of AUC Alumni Association.

Asham is a member of AmCham, FISD and FPL. He is also, the founder and the chairman of Shorouk Misr, an Egyptian NGO in the field of microfinance active in Upper Egypt.


"I will give then an offer they can not refuse"


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