Eng. Sherif Gobran

Managing Partner
& Co-Founder

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A Serial Entrepreneur

Managing Partner of COMTRiCKS. Previously Founder of NetEgypt a software development firm, that has developed hundreds of software applications to top clients including Mobinil (Orange), Etisalat Egypt, EVA Pharma, Jesuit Schools, Carmen Tissues, Bavaria Egypt, Ford Egypt, and many more. Lived and worked from 2014-2017 (4 years) in Washington DC working in the IT sector. Earned BSc in Computer Engineering, from MSA '01. Studies, volunteered, and worked in multiple Humanitarian organization including Samaritan's Purse, as a disaster response distributions manager; distributing wfp World Food Program rations to LDP- Locally Displaced People.

As the managing partner of COMTRiCKS, I currently manage all of COMTRiCKS projects, from the idea, market research, writing the business plan, branding, development management, launch execution, and finally growth plan.


"I will give them an offer they can not refuse"